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List of products by manufacturer La Semence Bio

La Semence Bio is to be assured of quality seeds, respecting ethics of production respecting the environment.
Since 2002, Semence Bio seed to the Heart of the World, is a seed 100% independent potagériste specialized in seed seeds from organic farming.
Directed and created by two brothers - Cyriaque CROSNIER Mangeat (agronomist from the research and development sector) and Judicaël CROSNIER Mangeat (ETP engineer, project administration and specialty finance). La Semence Bio is based on a vocation, an ethic, and the desire to provide farmers and hobbyists, vegetable seeds meet their expectations. The ranges are produced under contract by seed growers farmers (AMS) (true plant lovers). Their production methods have a rich ancestral knowledge and a good understanding of the evolution of production techniques.
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  • The seed Organic Tomato summer cider


    These feet of tomatoes produce large fruits that weigh on average 300g. Their yellow flesh is sweet, perfect for all your summer salads or broth.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Organic - Sunflower giant


    These sunflowers at the beautiful yellow flowers that can measure up a 3m and are very popular with the bees.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Bio - Zinnia


    The zinnia is a flower in dark red with floral stems of 50 to 60cm. They attract butterflies in your garden.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Organic - Tomato yellow pepper vincent


    The tomato yellow bell pepper, Vincent has a form of pepper with a flesh very firm which makes it the ideal fruit for touq, your stuffed.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Organic Tomato prince borghese


    Tomatoes prince borghese produce fruit egg-shaped, scarlet. Its flesh is dense and tasty, has a bit of game and grain. They are ideal for making sundried tomatoes !

    3,66 €
  • The seed Organic Tomato queen of the hatives


    The tomato queen of the hatives is an early variety that has a flesh very taste.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Organic Tomato rosa


    The tomato rosa is a vigorous plant, not to the flesh bright pink, very tasty

    3,66 €
  • The seed Organic - Tomato-orange queen


    The tomato orange queen has a meat type beef heart.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Organic Tomato osu blue


    The skin of the tomato osu blue is a dark purple colour, which becomes red at maturity.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Organic - Tomato-black from Tula


    Tomato black from Tula produces fruit very fleshy, has a unique flavor and very soft.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Organic Tomato cocktail tigerella two-tone


    The tomato cocktail tigerella two-tone produces a lot of fruit with a flesh soft and juicy. Ideal in salads or for sauces.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Bio - forage Rye


    Rye is a cereal that can reach the 1.40 m high and is very cold resistant. These cereals have an effect beneficial to soils by fertilizers, improving its structure, increasing the microbial life and, thus, control of weeds.

    7,24 €
  • The seed Organic - Tomato-1884


    Tomato 1884 is very fleshy, with a production of fruit very abundant. Ideal for salads, sauces and coulis.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Organic Tomato albenga red or liguria


    Tomato albenga red or liguria from Italy is very red in his heart and has a delicious taste and tasty.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Organic - Rosemary-flowered


    The rosemary flowered plant is very fragrant very popular for marinades and grilling.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Bio - Rudbeckie echinacea


    The flowers Rudbeckie echinacea are perennials and a height of 45cm to 1.2 m will be ideal for your massive and bouquets.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Bio - officinal Sage


    Sage officinalis is a plant that is very fragrant to the medical properties multiple : antiseptic, healing etc...

    3,66 €
  • The seed Bio - Pumpkins Green Hokkaido


    The pumpkins, green hokkaido, japan to a yellow flesh, little fibre, and once cooked can be eaten completely (with the skin), so it's delicious roasted, in soups or mashed.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Bio - Pumpkin tristar


    The pumpkin Tristar is a vegetable that is very decorative thanks to its blue colour but is also delicious rappé raw in a salad, as soup, or gratin.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Bio Radish raxe


    The radish raxe is in the form of a pink ball to the flesh bright red and very sweet. There is little to be harvested of all sizes

    3,66 €
  • The seed Organic - Radishes-pink Easter


    Radish pink Easter presents a very original seeming to be that of carrots. Its white flesh has a fine taste.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Bio - Leek de carentan


    Leek de carentan has a foliage light green, and a large was a short one at the foot large. This variety is very productive in fall and winter.

    3,66 €
  • The seed Bio - shelling Peas-Karina


    The shelling peas Karina contain between 8 to 9 grains, which are very tender in the mouth and slightly sweet.

    7,24 €
  • The seed Organic - bell Pepper, Corno di Toro rosso


    Peppers corno di toro rosso take their name from their elongated shape resembling a horn. Its flesh is very sweet and enjoys the heat.

    3,66 €
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