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GHE PH Down powder 1kg for reducing the ph of the water

ghe ph down dry powder 1kg , makes it possible to lower the ph of the water and nutrient solution , phosphate, urea , idezl for use in hydroponic and aeroponique

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Regulators in powder form : pH Down Dry - Pure, concentrated and harmless pH regulation is a practice of paramount importance for the farmer because it promotes the availability of minerals and the stability of the chelates for best absorption of nutrients by the plant. To achieve this we generally use acids various presented in the industry in more or less concentrated and more or less hazardous, depending on their formulation. In some countries, such as Switzerland, for example, the sale of these products is highly regulated and to be able to put them on their shelves, retailers are subject to a number of obligations more or less tedious.On the other hand, for those who make the sale by correspondence, it is dangerous to send of the liquid acid through the post. To overcome these two difficulties, GHE has been looking for a product that has the effectiveness of our pH Down liquid usual, while eliminating the risks controlled by the legislature. We are pleased to present to you today our "pH Down Dry", a new concept and a unique product in the industry. That can be sold easily, and which presents no risk to mail. pH Down Dry is a product quite particular : as long as it remains in the form of dried pellets, it is harmless, is easy and has the great advantage of to get out of the class of products of high toxicity. But as soon as it is put in contact with water, it becomes a powerful reducer of pH. In addition, it provides the plant with essential nutrients both during their vegetative stage than that of flowering and reproduction : * nitrate, in a form that is assimilated slowly by the plant, and therefore does not affect the flowering. * Phosphorus for flowering, but for healthy roots, lush foliage and harmonious growth. * It also brings a supplement of magnesium, sulphur and trace elements. pH Down Dry is also a product high in purity : he is in the form of crystals that dissolve in water without leaving residue. The first use of the product is, of sera, the control of the pH.But thanks to its high concentration and its high content in phosphoric acid, it can also be used for disinfection and cleaning systems, irrigation lines and / or substrates. Has homeopathic doses, it can be used as a foliar spray after an insecticide treatment to clean the leaves, while feeding the plant.


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