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Fulvic 500ml ghe - ACID FULVIC

Fulvic 500ml ghe , the great brand franco american of the famous stimulator of growth and acid fulvic , increases the yield , and the production of fruits and flowers ,a product of high purity

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A bio-stimulatory natural, organic

Advantages :

  • A better root development
  • Harvest more early
  • More vigour and resistance to diseases
  • A aroma and a perfume to be more present
  • Higher levels of essential oils
  • Yields significantly more important

Application :

2 to 3 ml/l during all stages of growth, fruiting and flowering.

Add to the nutrient solution in any and all media, soil, outside soil, and hydroponics.

Attention : FULVIC is an acid, it will lower the pH of your solution. Pour in your water before correcting your pH level.

Add to each watering or application of fertilizers at any period of development, or use as a foliar spray during the growth period.

To improve germination, soak seeds in a solution of Fulvic.

What is Fulvic acid ?

There are millions of years, plants and prehistoric animals were buried in the various upheavals genealogy of our planet and are processed at the discretion of the ecological cycles of life. Buried thousands of feet deep and converted to carbon, some of these deposits formed the "Diamond". Others were driven back to the surface during the ice age and constitute what is known today as the "Léonardite".

In the depths of the ancient lands of New Mexico, a deposit of extraordinary Léonardite was formed. It contains natural organics that is composted for millennia and freely available to the plant. This deposit is exploited with caution and natural compounds, called Humus, are extracted.

The Humus soluble group (fulvic acids and humic acids) contain compounds that enrich the nutrient solution, as well as a multitude of elements growth promoters.

The research team at General Hydroponics is testing more than 300 different sources of Léonardite from the four corners of the earth before you offer one that has the properties the most effective.

Diamond Nectar is an exclusive excerpt fulvic acid, rich in organic and mineral substances essential for the plants. It is a stimulator of all stages of their growth.

Thanks to a regulatory action and chélatante as well as his great capacity for ion exchange :

-It improves the absorption capacity of nutrients by the plant and converting it into particles easily digestible.

-It delivers nutrients to all plant parts : roots, stems, foliage, flowers and fruits.

-It offers to growers the benefits of a item natural, organic, liquid form.

-In hydroponics and in the ground, it helps create an environment closer to that of the earth.

FULVIC can be applied to all cultivated plants : ornamental, culinary and medicinal, fruits, vegetables, trees, etc., It is used in hydroponics, in ground and in earth ; in the nutrient solution or by foliar application.

FULVIC is an additive to use in combination with fertilizers complete. Combined with programs nutritious conventional, it will give the plants a vigorous, making crops early and abundant, and, although sera, the quality of goét and species to which we have become accustomed.


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