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Purins Biologique

Purins Biologique
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  • VG GARDEN - Purin horsetail and Natural organic 500ml


    The liquid manure horsetail is a fungicide that is effective in the fight against most diseases that affect fruit trees but also vegetables from the garden.

    4,72 € 5,90 €
  • VG GARDEN - Manure, fern Natural and organic 500ml


    The slurry of fern allows you to prevent the attacks of insects (aphids, black, green and lanigères, leafhoppers vine, red spider, scale insects to shield...).

    4,72 € 5,90 €
  • VG GARDEN - Manure of nettle, Natural and organic 500ml


    Naturally rich in nitrogen (especially in organic form), oligo-elements, minerals (iron, silica, calcium, potassium, magnesium...), vitamins, organic compounds (proteins...), the extract fermented nettles will render these elements in a form directly assimilable by the plant.

    4,72 € 5,90 €
  • Gold - Brown Slurry of nettles 1L


    Theliquid manure liquid manure of nettle, Golden brown is ideal for all planting in a pot or in open ground.

    9,46 € 11,83 €
  • Gold - Brown Slurry of Horsetail 1L


    Theliquid fertilizer suspension of horsetail Golden brown is ideal for all planting in a pot or in open ground.

    9,46 € 11,83 €
  • GHE Urtica 500ml


    9,00 €
  • GHE Urtica 1L


    14,50 €
  • GHE Urtica 5L


    50,00 €
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