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Need a hose on the air ducts ?

The air distribution ducts or ductwork or pipes or vent tube are conduits for circulating air from point A to point B.

A ventilation duct  allows the circulation of air and the evacuation outwardly. Discover the benefits of flexible ventilation ducts or semi rigid with Culture Indoor leader of the ventilation duct in France and Europe factory direct manufacturer.

Ventilations ducts are essential for the installation of extractor s or air vents for the bathrooms, the VMC from home or office, air conditioning ducts specific, usually conducted in cotton wool is used.

Discover the different ducts or conduits of breakdowns and their technical characteristics.


Types of ducts and ducts

Here are the different types of ducts or ventilation ducts:

  • Sheath or conduit made of galvanized steel,
  • Duct or conduit made of flexible aluminum,
  • Sheath or conduit in semi-rigid aluminum,
  • Duct or duct made of flexible synthetic material of pvc type or double layer aluminum, pvc,
  • Flexible ventilation ducts or ducts or glass wool,
  • Flexible flexible ventilation ducts or air ducts or glass wool,

The cylindrical ventilation ducts are called ventilation ducts.

Flexible ventilation ducts are lighter and more economical.

Flexible ducts are easy and quick to install.

Flexible ducts are perfectly suited to changes of direction in plan and elevation, perfect to create turns or make waves to pass above, to pass the obstacles in the false ceilings easily and easily.

Sealing flexible ventilation is very good, especially if the connections between pipes is made with seal, use eg  raccordemen cuffs t to obtain a perfect seal between the connections of pipes or ducts.

Conduit sealant round flexible.  Discover our different models of aluminum scotch allowing a perfect sealing of the ventilation ducts at a lower cost. 

Insulation conduits and their advantages

The insulation of the duct is directly integrated.

Flexible or semi-rigid ducts

Flexible ducts are not recommended because they cause significant pressure drops compared to rigid ducts but more often used by their simplicity of installation and their reduced cost.

The advantages of flexible ventilation ducts and ducts

They are useful for difficult fittings at the mouths or other devices.

The vibrations and noise from the air movement are more easily absorbed making it interesting conduits for achieving higher acoustic performance.

Flexible ducts cause greater pressure drops than a rigid or semi-rigid duct.

Due to the material used, this type of conduit is generally fragile, which does not facilitate its cleaning.

If the inside of the duct is not smooth, the fouling will be more important.

The shape of the elbows, changes in direction, section or bypasses play an important role in the various possible head losses in the distribution network. Find in our elbows rays at 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 90 °, T, Y , junctions,  headlines connections, clamping collars,  the flanges, wall connections etc ...

Thermal insulation with insulated thermal insulation


In the case of ventilation in a cupboard, for example, it is useful to isolate the ventilation ducts between the ventilation unit and the outside, whether the ventilation duct is located inside or outside Of the protected volume. This to limit heat losses, and thus ensure maximum recovery, and the risk of condensation that will prevent you from micro droplets all over the inside, condensation must be controlled.

To limit heat losses when the ventilation duct of hot air or cold air, there are ventilation ducts or ventilation ducts that are thermally insulated like the sound duct.

In the case of  thermal ventilation ducts joints shall close by means of tape adhesive .

The ducts are generally composed of mineral wool boards, rock wool, discover  Winflex Ventilation and its thermal jacket with natural wool is itch , finished wool scratching you during and after your installation in ceilings or For example.

Isolant (épaisseur 25 mm) pour conduit recouvert d'une feuille d'aluminium.

Ventilation duct with sound insulation.

ventilation system is a source of noise with sometimes significant noise. The acoustic nuisance is mainly due to the operation of the fan and the air movement in the ducts, so what you hear is the wind in the ventilation duct directly and it is the noisiest.

In order to avoid the noise nuisance of your ventilation ducts and to limit the sound there are various possible solutions to solve your sound problem:

  • Acoustically isolating ducts reduces noise radiation in rooms.
  • Use anti vibration supports for ventilation unit limits the propagation of structural noise discover this to soundproof boxes SOFTBOX including an extractor suspended on rubber springs allowing a perfect isolation of engine vibration of the air extractor.

Designing a barrier-free air distribution system:

  1. Reduces turbulence and therefore sources of noise,
  2. Limit and vary the speed of air in the ventilation ducts,
  3. Arrange the ventilation air extractor in a location away from living or working rooms,
  4. Air tightness in ventilation ducts: The ductwork must be airtight to minimize air leakage in order to guarantee the defined air flow rates,
  5. Avoid sources of additional noise,
  6. Protect against additional fouling or condensation in your ventilation ducts,

Discover Flexible Ducts such as Aluminum Ducts


Discover their advantages:

  • Ease of implementation.
  • Small footprint of the packaged product.
  • Fire resistance rating M0 or M1 according to model.

Technical characteristics :

  • Fire classification: M0 (incombustible).
  • Resistance to temperature: -30 ° C to + 250 ° C (peak)
  • Max. Pressure: 2500 Pa.
  • Maximum air speed: 30 m / sec.
  • Standard length: 3m / 10m.
  • Available diameters: 82mm, 102mm, 127mm, 152mm, 160mm, 204mm, 254mm, 315mm, 356mm, 406mm, 457mm

Flexible pipes

Aluminum conductor insulated

Technical features and advantages:

Ease of implementation. Sound and heat insulation attenuation in the c onduit and ventilation system.

Reduced condensation and heat loss in low-, medium- and high-pressure ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Small footprint of the packaged product The flexible insulated flexible duct B M0 / M1 is used for the connection of the vents to the main network for installations of ventilation systems, VMC and distribution of hot air. It contributes to acoustic attenuation within the network.

Flexible pipes

Technical features and advantages:

Ease of implementation. Sound and heat insulation attenuation in the c onduit and ventilation system.

Reduced condensation and heat loss in low-, medium- and high-pressure ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Small dimensions of the product when the sheaths are packed in cardboard conveniently compressed to transport them, they are sold in 3m or cardboard of 10m long.

Technical characteristics :

  • Fire classification: M0 / M1.
  • Temperature resistance:
  • Inner sheath: -30 ° C to + 250 ° C
  • Outer sheath: -30 ° C to + 140 ° C
  • Density of glass wool: 16 kg / m3
  • Minimum radius of curvature: 0.54 x Ø + thickness of glass wool.
  • Pression maxi : 3000 Pa.
  • Maximum air speed: 30 m / sec.
  • Standard length: 10 m.

Available diameters:

  • Ø82mm 
  • Ø 100mm 
  • Ø 125mm
  • Ø 160mm
  • Ø200mm
  • Ø 250mm
  • Ø 315mm

Conduits flexibles conduit aluminium isolé phonique M0/M1

The sound insulated flexible duct B M0 / M1 consists of an inner wall made of an M0 micro-perforated micro-micro complex, a 25 mm thick M0 glass wool insulation and an aluminum complex vapor barrier External M1 thickness 45 microns. It is delivered in length of 10 meters compacted in an individual cardboard.

Application of sound ventilation ducts  :

Flexible insulated flexible duct B M0 / M1 is used for the connection of the vents to the main network in ventilation system installations, VMC and for the assembly of two lengths, use a male-to-galvanic or aluminum Or PVC.

Put a few centimeters back on the glass wool and then seal it with an aluminum adhesive strip complemented by a clamp or a stainless steel notched band. The waterproofing must be carried out with the vapor barrier.

At Culture Indoor leader of the duct or ventilation ducts, you are looking for flexible ventilation duct? Sheath aluminum sheath combi,  sheath reducers ? Soundproof sleeve? Sound jacket or sleeve? Discover our sleeve radius and duct vents in many dimensions as 82mm? 100mm, 127mm, 152mm, 163mm, 204mm, 254mm, 315mm etc ...

M1 certified aluminum ducts for construction, double layer M0 ducts, M1 / ​​M0 soundproof ducts or thermal sheath for better insulation of your ventilation ducts.

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