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After the germination the seedlings (plant from a seed), a plant comes into growth or vegetative phase, as where constitutes its second stage leaves after the cotyledons (the first two leaves).

As part of the cuttings, growth starts after the appearance of roots. Generally, the vegetative phase is carried out under 18 hours of light and 6 hours of night, both without interruption. During this period, the temperature in the grow room must be contained between 20 and 25 ° C and hygrometry between 50 and 70%.


Especially indoors where space for cultivation is limited, it is recommended that the "concentration of roots."

The root system being greedy, the first two or three weeks of growth, it is best to change the seedlings or cuttings in small pots (0.75L to 1.3L). Therefore where the roots are visible or out the bottom of the pot, it's time to repot or transplant the plants into an intermediate pot (3 to 5 L), taking care to add to the bottom a thin layer of balls clay to prevent any risk of mold (not permanently leave the earth in contact with the water recovered by the pots below).

During the "first week of life 'seeding or rooting clones (appearance of small white dots along the stem), and following the repotting (for two or three consecutive watering at the maximum), it is advisable to water the plants with a solution rich in root stimulator (without fertilizer) to alleviate the stress on the root system (sensitive) and to help take position in the "new earth." Also, be aware that in a culture, a plant can be transplanted two to three times maximum.

Watering a plant must be done from the time when the first centimeters of soil are dry. It takes place slowly and uniformly throughout the pot, and stops when the water escapes the pot. A solution adjusted to pH 6.4 (6.2 to 6.6) and enriched with nitrogen (N), macronutrient essential during the vegetative phase (growth fertilizer) can be brought from the second week of the plant following the fertilization of the selected land.

By Hydroponics:

As part of the soilless cultivation (clay pebbles, rock wool ...), there are two types of watering cycles: one is permanent and respect hydroponic systems "ebb and flow" moving on basic clay balls (no saturation phenomenon). The other is similar to tide tables, powered cycle (1-6 mounted water on a light day) and resting on the balls of clay, rock wool or coconut fiber. The duration of the tides is variable according to the saturation capacity of the substrate chosen and the amount of water sent.

For optimal development of plants in the vegetative phase, it is recommended to change solution tank every 5 to 7 days. The water already containing nutrients, only root-stimulator and a growth stimulator can be added to the pH adjusted to between 5.6 and 6. Then, the growth of fertilizer can be made progressive assay.

stadiumsValue of ECpHLight cycle
germination cuttings0.8 -> 1.05.818h light
6 hours of night
vegetative phase1.0 -> 1.45.818h light
6 hours of night
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