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The clay ball, or balls of expanded clays, balls of round clays or irregular clay balls, substrate with multiple applications in horticulture for yield or vegetable decoration

The expanded clay bead is used as an inert , pure or mixed substrate for hydroponics . But it is interesting to know where it comes from to understand its functions and advantages in hydroponics, aeroponic or on soil and coconut fiber

What is the clay marble?

The clay ball is first in the form of clay, a natural rock material, then shaped into balls. Placed in a high-temperature furnace, heated to 1200 ° C., the clay balls expand and form very porous balls. 
All the clay beads are not identical, their density may vary from 0.5 to more than 1 g / cm 3 . 
There are also different gauges: 4-8 and 8-16.

What are the benefits of clay ball?

Substrate steady 
- fast and easy use 
- Quality optimum drainage 
- Substrate 100% natural 
- Usable decoration

The clay ball as substrate in hydroponic culture:

The big advantage of the clay ball is that it does not retain water, it is ideal in a hydroponic culture . Indeed, it has a closed internal porosity, that is to say that the air or the nutritive solution can not penetrate into the beads. The irrigation can be continued without drowning crops .

Use of the clay ball at the bottom of the pot:

Thanks to its great drainage qualities , putting clay ball at the bottom of a pot is generally recommended to improve aeration, protect your roots and thus promote the good development of the plant. During watering, water can stagnate in the bottom of the pot and asphyxiate the roots of the plant, the clay ball will facilitate the flow of water. 
Application: Place a 3 to 5 cm layer at the bottom of the container.

Use of the clay ball in mixed substrate:

We have seen that the ball of clay possesses real qualities of aeration. So that the root system of the plant grows at best, it is possible to mix earth and clay ball. Indeed the substrate will be lightened and moisture retained. 
Application: Incorporate 10% by volume of clay ball.

Use of the clay ball on the surface:

Beyond its draining and aeration qualities, the clay ball is also very aesthetic when placed on the surface of a flower pot, it will reveal the color of the plants. 
Also they will keep the moisture within the pot , which is beneficial for most plants. 
Application: Place a 2 to 4 cm layer on the substrate used on the surface of the container.

For better results in your crops use irregular clay beads for a better aeration of the root system and to obtain better results on the growth and the flowering, for that you will have to use the marbles of the brand platinium nutrients or Gold label netherland, know that the nutrient platinium clay beads are buffered ph 6.5 and certified for intensive and specialized horticulture for your culture in closet or in culture chamber

Find the largest selection of clay marbles available at Culture Indoor:


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From Plagron


From Gold Label

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Comparative article made by the blog hydro2farm, allowing to compare the different clay marbles of the hydroponics market.

Discover their different opinions regarding the different brands of expanded clay beads.

Balls of clay for hydroponics

Did you know that there are balls of clays much lighter than the round clay balls of type plagron or hydroton? This can be used for large systems where the weight is important to prevent the pot from tipping over so the balls of round clays will retain the water.

So there are a multitude of brands of clay marbles on the market of hydroponics, by this article we present you some different brands that I have procured. If this can help you, it's great!

Small information before starting for those who are not aware, you should know that in hydroponics or hydroponics, you will need to clean the clay balls before use, a good rinse (this is obvious but I specify it still). But they will also have to be buffered at the right pH, because if you use them without dabbing them, they can make your pH unstable and harder to regulate, although this is not an important criterion in organic farming. The drainage, mineral fertilizer it is much more, it will affect your plants and your hydroponic crops.)

To do this : Put in a container the quantity of marbles you will have to use and rinse several times in order to have a clear water. 
Then fill with water and keep at a PH of 5/6 for at least 24 hours (up to several days for some beads), renewing the water at least once or twice. 
To see if your balls are well stabilized, fill your water container to PH of 6, and check to see if it stays stable, otherwise repeat the acid pH dipping operation.

It is a bit constraining when you have a large amount to do but it is better and advised.

"This is how will compose the article, I will indicate for each bag of marbles: 
The Brand and possibly the model. 
Its approximate price. 
A photo of the bag. 
The weight of clay beads for 5 liters, it is a A criterion that can be important if you want to lighten your hydroponic system. 
I could add new products in the future if I get others.

Comparisons euro clay pebble plagron

Brand : Plagron 
Model : Euro pebbles 10L 
Price : 9,5 € (0,95 € per liter) 
Weight for 5 liters : 1,9kg Customers' 
opinion : I find them expensive , and it is not at all justified in my opinion , until proven otherwise. It looks exactly the same as in brico shops, twice as expensive!

Comparisons clay balls platinium hydroponics 5 and 10 liters

Brand : Platinium Soil 
Model : Hydro Mix 10l 
Price : 7,7 € (0,77 € per liter) 
Weight for 5 liters : 1kg Customers' 
opinions : They are almost identical in size, do not generate dust and are lighter than I was able to test.

Comparative clay beads platinium hydroponics

Brand : Platinium Soil 
Model : Hydro Mix Premium 50l 
Price : € 16 (€ 0.32 per liter) 
Weight for 5 liters : 1.7kg My 
personal favorites and more are the cheapest ones, it looks like the ones Of GHE.

Comparisons clay beads gold label netherland

Brand : Gold Label 
Model : Special Hydrocorn 45l 
Price : 18 € (0,40 € per liter) 
Weight for 5 liters : 1,5kg Customers' 
opinions : They are quality and not very heavy but a little more expensive.

Comparative clay beads general hydroponics europe

Brand : GHE 
Model : Grorox 50l 
Price : 18 € (0,36 €) Not found on sale 
Weight for 5 liters : 1,7kg Customers' 
opinions : I regret that they can not be found on sale. They can be obtained from GHE, but with the shipping costs it is not interesting. And frankly I do not see any difference with the clay beads from Platinium.

For the brico shops, I indicate that 2 models, no picture because I have not bought, it is really for indication if you do not have a Growshop in your area.

Brand : Geolia (DIY store roy L * M * rlin) 
Model : 30l Bag 
Price 14.60 € (0.48 liter) 
Caliber : 16 
weight to 5 liter : Customers 
Reviews : Dusty bags in store are often broke, be careful when buying. Privileged the Growshop, much cheaper and good advice.

Brand : Verve (DIY store C * Astor * ma)) 
Model : 15l bag 
Price : 7.90 € (0.52 liter) 
Caliber : 16 
Weight for 5 liter ? Customers 
Reviews : Dusty bags in store are often broke, be careful when buying. Privileged the Growshop, much cheaper and good advice. "

This article was reprinted on hydro2farm culture blog, which compares and tries products for you dear customers.

Make the right choice because the prettiest are actually the best clay marbles, increase your yields with hydromix of platinium hydroponics and grow at the right price.

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