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Go to lighting Led Horticulture

You will find on Culture Indoor largest lighting brands LED Horticultural best performing market: Floraled , IndoorLed , Secret Garden .

What is a LED horticultural?

Led, translation from English light-emitting diode (LED) or light emitting diode (LED) is the future of lighting. The LED or LED illumination, has everything to become artificial light tomorrow. This technology continues to innovate before it served only growth, germination now it is used for flowering.

Led horticulture

The latest generations produce up to 150 lumens per watt. On a panel it can sometimes be up to 200 LEDs. The light emitted by the LEDs can be 100% in the PAR (Photosynthetic Activ Radiation).

What are the advantages of LED culture?

Since these diodes do not lose energy to generate heat, the horticultural LEDs make the most of this energy. The LED panels combine these diodes together and compete with traditional HPS bulbs today, MH, CFL, neon kits. They are also cheaper than CFL or neon because they consume little electricity.

You should know that LED is continuous light unlike HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and MH lamps (Metal Halide) that produce intermittent light imperceptible to the naked eye, which is less natural and can also cause some stress for plants.

Another advantage of LEDs is that we can find all spectrums. It is especially the blue spectrum for the period of growth and red for flowering. It is standard to see these two spectra combined to optimize the light of indoor plants. View PANEL MASTER COB 600W of IndoorLed .

But one of the biggest advantages is the low heat generated by the LEDs, allowing us to position plants almost glued to the lamp (10 to 15 cm for the different colors that form the spectrum are able to mix).


In summary, why choose to cultivate plants with Horticultural Led ?

  • More overheating
  • No loss of light output (Spectrum 100% horticultural)
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Life 10 times longer than bulbs MH / HPS
  • Climate control easier and stabilized
  • reflector savings, air conditioner ...
  • Design, Ecological, silent
  • Technology of the future
  • Bulbs resistant diodes
  • Environmentally friendly (no harmful substances)
  • Saves time and money
  • Easy installation in indoor cultivation box

The ranges Floraled available on Culture Indoor. All the powers are proposed.

The ranges of IndoorLed are also available: from simple bulb LED to LED panels covering a large area, from 15W to 1200W. Leds manufacturer since 2007. Join them on to see videos and news.

IndoorLed : Indoor SMD LED , COB Indoor Led , Master Cob Indoor Led , Led Xl Star , and constant innovations.

Led horticultureLed horticultureLed horticultureLed horticulture

To protect yourself from lighting think of glasses LEDs protections .

At a time when the electricity price increases still more, it is wise to choose a system that reduces up to 50% energy usage.

Find all our tips for your indoor culture:

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