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Perlite, a good growing medium drip

Perlite is used for cultivation substrate , pure or mixed. But it is interesting to know where it comes to understanding its features and benefits.

Perlite, what is it?

Perlite is a natural volcanic rock. Basically it resembles sand containing water. It is industrially expanded by a heat treatment from 900 to 1200 ° C. Under the influence of heat, the perlite expands from 4 to 20 times its volume and shape of small porous grains with tiny cavities. One can visually resemble perlite in white bedding grains, it is very light and crumbly.

Perlite composition:
silica, alumina, iron oxide, titanium oxide, Lime, Magnesia, Oxides of Sodium, Potassium

Perlite as substrate

Perlite is a substrate very light and easy to handle which makes its implementation in a culture system simple and fast. However, we recommend you wear a masque protection When handling to avoid dust inhalation, and previously moisten to reduce dust generation.
You can use perlite as a substrate in a hydroponics system drip essentially.

You can also associate perlite to another substrate such as soil , coir, peat , but in this case, perlite does not exceed 30% of the entire mixed substrate.
During phase seedlings / cuttings perlite can be mixed with the vermiculite quantity 50 / 50.
However, it is also possible to mix 60% Coco, 30% clay beads and 10% perlite.

What are the advantages of perlite?

For all farmers using the technique of the hydroponics , perlite is chemically very interesting talking with many weight properties:
- neutral pH between 6.8 and 7.2 which allows for better control over the fertilizer and the nutrient solution given your plants.
- Thanks to its porosity, it has a great capacity water retention, up to 5 times its weight.
- Stable and inert, perlite not attract any insects, unlike some soil
- 100% eco , perlite is a natural product < / strong>.
- perlite is easily removed, put in the ground in your garden, for example, it will turn into dust and disappear over time without leaving traces.

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