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This technical term is nowadays unknown to the general public yet this above-ground technique (with or without an inert substrate) is much more effective than with soil because it has the advantage of allowing control total nutrients supplied to the plant. Indeed, in the ground, some of the nutrients and oxygen have been absorbed by the substrate and not the roots. This is why you find this culture technique in horticultural industries, because the performance and savings are maximized in hydro.


From the Latin "hydro" (water) and "ponos" (work) or "work with water" hydroponics is today ' hui for indoor growing synonymous closed system, autonomous, automated with many advantages:

  • Save space
  • Clean
  • Fertilizer Saving
  • Diseases and pests less frequent
  • Excellent growth
  • Flowering at the top
  • Heavy Yield and quality
  • Ecological, less water consumed
  • Independent
  • More harvest 1

Do not be afraid to switch to hydroponics because today the systems previously reserved for horticultural industries, are now created for individuals. Certainly the hydroponic systems s require the use of pumps, but these are now very quiet. In addition, there are systems for every budget. In doing
there is more to choose his method hydroponics with substrate, pot, rock wool, sand, coconut fiber, ball clay, aeroponics, tide tables ... Not to mention the size of the systems that they adapt perfectly to your cubicle Culture or parts. Culture Indoor offers the biggest brands in the hydroponics market: NFT system GT 205 GT 100, and AquaFarm WaterFarm, dutch pot hydro, hydroponics platinum.

The aeroponics is also a growing system which provides maximum ground oxygen to your plants and helps with ideal growing conditions to achieve unmatched performance! For more information about all hydroponic methods please visit our Tips hydroponic .


Think of the hydroponic system, substrate and lighting in case of indoor cultivation. Buy good equipment online for hydroponics thanks to Culture Indoor!

It is quite possible to grow plants through hydroponics home provided, of course, to equip the right equipment. You can compose your own or choose system in our department dedicated to systems.

economic hydroponic kits , ready to forget and do not go wrong there.

Since 2002, we provide the best value to our customers in the field of hydroponics. Grow hydroponics!

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