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Plasma Lamp sulfur

Plasma Lamp is very often presented as the future of the horticultural lighting it emits low heat, not consuming electricity and generates an impressive amount of light.

How Does a Plasma Lamp?

plasma bulb is small in size and has a gas mixture which is submitted to radio waves when the lamp is on. The gas is converted into plasma so it has the effect of producing a very bright light. In the case of the Gavita PRO SARA there is a full spectrum light, including steady UVA and UVB rays. What is very important for the growth your Plant.

Why Plasma Lamp?

It is true that the acquisition of a Plasma Lamp remains a fairly important economic investment. However, like the technology LED , we can see that this remains profitable in the long term. Indeed the plasma lamps are unique in that last longer than the HPS / MH lamps classic (5-year average based on a 18-hour cycle) ; they also have the distinction of consuming less electricity.
As mentioned above, the plasma bulb generates very little heat, this is not however the case of the transmitter electromagnetic waves which will be responsible for converting the gas into plasma. It will however not difficult to dissipate this heat because it is located above the bulb.

Gavita pro Lep 270-2 growGavita Plasma light Lep 41.02 300W

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