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Where does the mycorrhiza come from?

Mycorrhizal fungi exist since the appearance of the first plants on our precious earth, there are over 450 million years. They form a close symbiosis with the roots of plants. Called mycorrhiza s French translation of Mukes greck), which means fungus and "rhiza, " which means root. Because mycorrhizae can multiply by 20 times the root ball of your young plants during the germination phase,  cuttingsonce rooted plants ... Try Monster X mycorrhizae best soluble mycorrhizae, 500 propagules per gram , grown in vitro in France try platinum nutrients , high performance mycorrhizae. Monster X in 10g / 25g or 100g.

MonsterX-2.jpgMonster X contains 500 000 propagules / Kg selected in vitro

What is Mycorrhiza  ?

the mycorrhiza is defined as the result of a symbiosis between a fungus and a plant.

What is symbiosis?

Symbiosis is a type of relationship between "mutually beneficial" organisms, that is, the two organisms benefit from each other and the association of the two with the benefits of plants

What benefits will this mushroom bring?

The fungus it will colonize the roots of the plant through its hyphae of fine filaments able to explore a large volume of soil. If the development of the fungus is carried out inside the cells of the root, then one speaks of endomycorhize. This phenomenon is extremely common: know that about 90% of vascular plants are associated with endomycorrhizae! The endomycorrhizal fungus Glomus is useful for cultivated plants.

Ectomycorrhizae, hyphae of the fungus do not enter the root cells. About 10% of the plants carry out this type of association. Ectomycorrhizal fungi form fructification sometimes edible: truffles, boletus ...

The role of mycorrhizae for plants?

Soluble phosphorus is not available in the soil mycorrhizae play an essential role in the provision of this element (phosphorus) for the plant. Mycorrhizae release Pi (inorganic phosphate) from insoluble forms of the soil and are more effective for its absorption than the plant itself.

The hyphal network allows much better soil exploration for ready-to-use soil or soil cultures

the  mycorrhiza are also the best place polyphosphates storage which will be degraded and transferred to the plant in need thereof in case of need.

In general, thanks to mycorrhiza, symbiosis allows improved water and nutrition nitrogen , get a heavy metal accumulation and increased resistance to pathogens.

The mycorrhizae also make the plant less sensitive and more resistant to soil-borne pathogens and other environmental stresses such as drought and salinity of the soil improved.

In return, the plant provides carbohydrates and other nutrients to the mushrooms. Thanks to the mycorrhizae which use the carbohydrates for their growth as well as to synthesize and excrete molecules like glomaline (glycoprotein). The release of glomaline into the surrounding soil will allow you to achieve better soil structure and higher organic matter content in your soil, soil or soil.

The mycorrhizal fungi allow plants to absorb more nutrients and water from the soil. They also increase tolerance to various environmental stresses. In addition, these fungi play a major role in the aggregation process of soil particles and stimulate microbial activity. Depending on the species, crop practices and conditions, mycorrhizae provide considerable benefits to plants and the environment in general.

Effects of mycorrhiza

  • More vigorous and healthier plant production
  • Increases their survival during germination or sowing of seedlings after transplantation
  • Increases crop yield and quality
  • Better tolerance to drought
  • Reduced watering
  • Increase crops and fruiting
  • Optimizes your fertilizers especially in phosphorus
  • Better tolerance of soil salinity
  • Maintains soil quality
  • Control of soil erosion

Mycorrhizal spores

To simplify the thing for you and understand more easily, spores are like seeds with the chance of seeing them germinate or not, you do not have any safety about their chance of germination and their rate of contamination regarding pathogens.

Mycorrhizae propagules

To make simple the difference of propagules vis-a-vis the spores, it is that the propagules are like cuttings, therefore no chance of not seeing them germinated, moreover, there are 2 types of propagules cultivated not in vitro, and cultivated In vitro, namely that the in vitro culture of mycorrhizae makes it possible to obtain breast products without surprises with the expected results, whereas non-in vitro propagules make you take the risk of spreading pathogens in your crops, for more security we recommend  Monster X platinum nutrients 100% grown in vitro and especially 2.5 x more concentrated than other mycorrhizae market.

Mycorrhizae grown in vitro

Avoids the risks of pathogens and diseases, results with certainty on 90% of plant varieties in the world, increases by 20x the root mass of plants.


Water soluble mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae are 99% of the time deposited on the clay so that is not water is not diluted with water years, one can find as Monster X the best mycorrhizal made in France which is deposited in the 'Ascophylum algae that will make mycorrhizae 100% water soluble and most significantly boost your results thanks to seaweed rich in vitamins, natural auxin, cytokinins, and many other pacemaker components for plants in early stage of growth .


Mycorrhizae soil amendment

Mycorrhizae in amendment, are often deposited in a clay foundation for good decomposition in soil and allowing mycorrhizae act according to the different needs of your plants  grown indoors or outdoors culture,  closet culture knows the secrets Mycorrhizae and their perfect function.

Mycorrhizae for roots

  • A powerful root stimulator
  • 100% usable in organic farming
  • Increases root mass and rootlets by 20%

Organic Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae sold at indoor cultivation are 100% organic and adapted to your organic crops.


Different brands of mycorrhizae

Platinium nutrients , Monster X mycorrhizae 100% water soluble and Dynamite seeds on a support for 50% of income in addition to the germination of seeds of all kinds, seed collections, rare seeds, medicinal seeds, vegetable seeds and aromatic herbs.

Biotabs, Mycotrex mycorrhizae in amendment on clay soils.

Hydropassion,  MC4 clay on spores.

Mycorrhizal radius

Visit our mycorrhizae radius in indoor growing your growshop for your indoor crops and outdoor, the largest selection of mycorrhizae for the best price, spores or propagules, find what you need in the different containers in our online sales site since 2002, The sign of urban gardening and abundant crops.

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